Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Paper or Plastic?

Neither, thank you, I brought my own. The Knit Mesh Market bag.
I hate the plastic bags and fully support the bans on them that are happening in places. I don't really like the idea that paper is the only other option. After looking around for a knitting pattern and a lot of experimenting I came up with this model. I had to share. i also thought it would be good if I could help local small businesses somehow so i showed it around to a couple of locally owned and operated knit shops. The response was good. Visit one of the knit shops in the links to find a copy of the pattern. I do not offer it on-line but all of the ones who have it will be glad to mail you a copy.


  1. Hi Lars, I like your bags!
    Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dies werden nicht die letzeten sein. ;)

  2. Lars, the ingenuity you've shown in created these bags is really impressive. Each one is unique and beautiful. Keep up the fine work!

  3. Hi Dear,
    those bags really beautiful.
    could you give me the knititng patterns?

    Thank you ^_^

  4. Thank you Farah.
    The pattern is available through the knit shops listed in the upper left. I recommend Close Knit.